Podcast Series: The Reality of a Smart Factory Future


Get Insight From Leaders In Automation

With our three-part 'Smart Factories' podcast series

Join our CM Industrial Business Consultants, Ben Cheetham, Alex Cawkwell and Sameer Jaffary, as they chat to industry experts in their markets about the future of 'Smart Factory' automation.

Topics include:

  • What Part Does 3D Printing Play in the Smart Factory? with Mike Yang, COO of LuxCreo

  • Remote Monitoring to Teleoperation in the Smart Factory with Fredrik Ryden, CEO of Olis Robotics

  • How Far Are We From a Dark Warehouse? with Marcel van Schijndel, CEO of WSR Solutions

In this three-part podcast series, they'll discuss the journey to a 'Smart Factory' future and how this trend could forge an intrinsic link between three key CM Industrial markets.

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